Yomi Eluwande

Polar Signals

Senior Software Engineer (Dec 2021 - Present)

Working on all things frontend at Polar Signals; a continuous profiling tool for applications and infrastructure and creators of open source product,

Technologies: Next.js, React, TypeScript, gRPC-web.


Frontend Engineer (May 2019 - October 2021)

Worked on; a Gatsby site which is an encyclopedia for women’s health. Responsible for adding/maintaining new components to serve content from a Contentful GraphQL server. Built a Jenkins CI process that uses Lighthouse to check if a PR build increases/decreases page speed and performance. I am also the Chapter lead for the Web team since Sept. 2020.

Technologies: Gatsby, React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Docker.


Frontend Engineer (Jan 2018 - May 2019)

Built the V2 version of the payment checkout form which had improvements such as faster loading time (20x) and more payment channels. Worked on the merchants dashboard and was responsible for adding key features such as business analytics which provided an holistic overview for merchants. I also worked on a previous version of that was solely for virtual cards and corporates.


Web Developer (May 2017 - Dec 2017)

Worked on multiple landing pages for various clients. Built a lifestyle and youth centric magazine/blog for a top banking client. I also helped build a mobile app (using Ionic) for a FinTech Client.


Covenant University, Nigeria B.Eng Computer Engineering