A fun take on encouraging young voters to vote in the general 2019 Nigerian elections. The web app helps first time voters find the nearest location to register for the general elections.

The app was designed by me and built with Preact, and it's also open sourced on GitHub.

Link -
GitHub -


A tool that helps users track the working hours for collaborators in remote teams. Users can post clock ins directly to Slack and alert teammates when active. We've had over 7000 logs posted from over a 100+ teams.

The app was designed by me and built with Vue.js.

Link -


Selar is a platform that allows African businesses or individuals make sales and collect payments online easily. It enables social commerce as all you have to do create a profile, add a product and you get a unique link that you can send to your customers, in which you can easily get paid.

It also has features like inventory management, affliate marketing, CRM e.t.c

Link -

More to come...😉